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 Culver City, CA

Located halfway between downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, Culver City is becoming the popular choice for a business location. In recent years, the City has witnessed an influx of galleries, graphic design houses, architectural firms, executive and marketing offices of major apparel companies, advertising firms, entertainment companies, technology companies and internet/new media offices. Wine bars and upscale eateries, many with alfresco dining, are reshaping the landscape of downtown Culver City.

The city’s cultural and culinary renaissance has created an attraction beyond the immediate downtown area. Businesses are locating in creative offices at new office buildings and converted industrial buildings in the Hayden Tract and the Jefferson Boulevard corridor, as well as in corporate office projects located off Slauson Boulevard at the west end of the city. Westfield corporation’s is presently engaged in a major expansion and renovation of the one million square foot Fox Hills mall.

Many of the new businesses to Culver City are attracted by its convenient access from two major freeways, the Santa Monica (10) Freeway and the San Diego (405) Freeway. In addition, La Cienega and Jefferson Boulevards are now recognized and major thoroughfares which provide convenient north/south access. Under construction and slated for completion in the summer of 2008 will be the Expo Line of the light rail system which will end in Culver City. When complete, Culver City will have rail access to the entire metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Culver City was founded in 1913 and quickly achieved landmark status when Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) built studios there in the 1920s. The former MGM Studios are now home to Sony Pictures Studios, the city’s major employer. Numerous other entertainment companies are located in Culver City due in part to the City’s growing labor pool of young, educated and skilled workers. Young families and singles are replacing retirees due the availability of attractive neighborhoods offering moderately priced housing in comparison to nearby Westside housing. Culver City’s public school system is consistently ranked amongst the top schools in California. Willows Community School and TurningPoint are two very popular private schools uniquely located close to businesses in the Hayden Tract and Jefferson Corridor.